Training Overview

R4PHTC Trainings

The Region IV PHTC offers competency-based trainings for public health professionals throughout the region and nation.  Most trainings are free and may offer continuing professional education credits. PHTC’s trainings for professionals consist of the following types of activities:

  • Webinars (live and archived):  These presentations are designed to introduce content areas and skills to the participants in shorter, web-based formats.
  • Interactive Lectures (includes satellite, archived, and in-person):  These lectures are designed to introduce content areas and skills to the participants. These lectures provide ample opportunity for interaction with the presenter.
  • Skill-Based Trainings (virtual and in-person):  These skill-based trainings are in-depth opportunities for the learner to develop needed priority skills and will typically be offered in sessions from 3–6 hours.

For a complete database of upcoming and archived trainings produced by the R-IV PHTC, please click on the R4PHTC Training Database below.

National Infectious Disease Trainings

The Region IV Public Health Training Center has identified over 500 training programs and resources developed in our designated content area of Infectious Disease and developed between the years 2011-2015. These trainings have been developed by other public health organizations.  For a complete database of these trainings, please click the Infectious Diseases Training Database below.

Additional National Training Resources

In addition to Region IV PHTC trainings and field placement opportunities, we encourage you to explore other local and national resources for public health information and professional development.

Georgia Board of Health (BOH) Trainings

Through a grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation, the Region IV Public Health Training Center has produced a set of 5 video trainings for Georgia’s board of health members.  Video topics include:  structure and function of public health; roles and responsibilities of board of health members; advancing policy and advocacy for community health; financing public health in Georgia; and, public health department accreditation.  To view all trainings, click the link below.


Through a grant from the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Region IV Public Health Training Center supports professional development of the GA SNAP-Ed providers. To view all upcoming webinars and recorded webinars click the link below.