Our Mission

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Region IV Public Health Training Center (R-IV PHTC) is to strengthen competence of the current and future public health workforce in HHS Region IV (R-IV), develop a learning community within the Central Office and the Local Performance Sites (LPSs), expose public health students to the value of working in underserved areas, advocate for public health systems and policies, and contribute to the work of the national Public Health Training Center (PHTC) program.

Region IV PHTC Goals

  • Develop a system of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) to ensure provision of relevant, practical programming to meet the training needs of current and future public health professionals throughout Region IV.
  • Establish a governance structure for the work of the R-IV PHTC and LPSs.
  • Develop and implement distance-based programming to train and educate public health professionals using a variety of modalities.
  • Work with other Regional PHTCs to formalize a nationwide PHTC network, and develop and implement cross-cutting public health trainings to increase the knowledge and skills of public health workers.
  • Develop and implement plans to establish or strengthen faculty-student collaborative projects and field placements.
  • Enhance collaborations and linkages with other federal agency programs, local, state, Tribal and national partners.
  • Establish and implement strategies to promote and market the work of the R-IV PHTC as well as recruit participants for all activities.
  • Work with governmental public health agencies to develop policies and implement systems changes to motivate public health workers to participate in trainings and to create a culture of learning within the agencies.
  • Assist and support the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.